Rhino Cribbing Company

A Division of Black Rhino Recycling, Inc.

Rhino Cribbing - Structural Grade

The US Air Force’s Crashed, Damaged or Disabled Aircraft Recovery (CDDAR) program is an ideal application for our GSA listed recycled plastic cribbing timbers. When CDDAR requires a partial or complete aircraft lift using pneumatic airbags, it is done by placing airbags under the wings and fuselage. This enables the aircraft to be lifted easily and securely. To reduce the amount of bags required and to increase airbag stability, timbers (cribbing) are placed under the airbags. Timbers are stacked at all bag locations. Plywood or 463L pallets are placed on top of the stacked timbers. This provides a stable and safe platform for the airbags.

Rhino Cribbing:
-          can be stored outside indefinitely
can be shipped across international borders
-          does not rot

-          does not split
-          does not swell
-          has excellent compression values

By using recycled plastic timbers for this unscheduled application, CDDAR personnel can be certain that their stored timbers will be available and ready at any emergency.  




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